Trailerocity.com FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What is Trailerocity.com?
Trailerocity.com is the #1 new and used trailer sales and marketing website serving private trailer owners as well as trailer dealers and professionals with great trailer marketing products and services. It is the best place to buy and sell new and used trailers of all types.

Does Trailerocity.com charge for classified listings?
YES. Trailerocity.com is designed to service every user so basic ad listings are inexpensive. Our classified ads run for 120 days. Ad listers may choose to increase their ad exposure for their ads by FEATURING their listings at the time their ads are placed.

What is a smart tip when signing up for a free account?
When first signing up for a free account on Trailerocity.com, it is smart to consider what name you will be using to represent your company or yourself. Our system can accept virtually any name and capitalization so please choose something that you have considered carefully. If you are a company, you can use something like, “mysmartcompany” or the better way is to use something like this, “My Smart Company”. If you use a smart, descriptive name when signing up, users will be able to more easily recognize you on the website especially when they want to look at other listings you might place. Make sense? NOTE: Vulgar or other distasteful user names will be banned.

How many pictures can I have with my listings?
You can have up to 10 pictures with each of your listings. Be sure to upload your best, most descriptive picture first.

What size should pictures be for best results?
Pictures should be at least 400×400 pixels and can be larger. Sizes above 400 pixels and below 800 pixels are ideal. If your pictures are too large, you may change the size to a smaller one with several free online resources. Pixlr.com is one that seems to work well for our users.

How can I increase the ability for search engines to find my ads?
Trailerocity.com “fine tunes” most ads for best search engine placement and the website reaches 1000’s of trailer shoppers monthly. That being said, there are really two things you can do when placing your ads that are helpful. 1) Use enough accurate words in your ads to present all of the relevant information about your listing. 2) Before uploading your pictures, name them something accurate like “16 foot cargo trailer” instead of something like “dsc55241”. Make sense? Believe us, it is well worth the extra minute or so required to do these things.

What does it cost to FEATURE my listings?
You can feature any listing you place for just $20.00 for 120 days for maximum exposure!. FEATURED ADS run randomly across the top of the home page of  Trailerocity.com helping  to ensure maximum exposure for your ad. They also display at the top of (first seen, above free ads) their respective category for fastest ad results. We also push featured ads on our twitter page at: https://twitter.com/Trailerocity for immediate and ongoing top results! (Currently over 8000 followers!!)

How do I pay for a FEATURED AD?
Simple! During the ad placement process, you will be asked if you would like to feature your ad. Simply click the box and you will be taken to PayPal for secure checkout of the Featured Listing at just $20.00. Your statement will reflect Classified America of which Trailerocity is a member brand.

Can I pay for a listed item through Trailerocity.com with my credit card?
No. Trailerocity.com is a third party classified ads platform that provides a place to list your items and services. According to our terms of service, Trailerocity.com is not involved in any third-party transactions.

How do I know that all ads are safe for my entire family?
Trailerocity.com is proud to be “G-RATED”  All ads are reviewed by the administrator before they become public. This helps ensure that our website is safe for all members of your family. We ask the community to contact us immediately if they find inappropriate material so that it can be removed immediately. Posting of inappropriate material may result in a permanent ban of this website.

If I feature my ad and it sells before the 120 day mark, do I receive a refund for the remaining balance of time?
No. Featured ads are designed to maximize your ad exposure and help result in a faster transaction for the advertiser. You are paying to activate the feature. No daily charge applies so there is no refund if the item sells/rents/etc. sooner than 120 days.

How soon does my posting expire?
Ad postings are active for 120 days unless taken down by the author. If an item is sold or no longer relevant, the ad poster may remove the ad with his control panel.

Can I delete my posting at any time?
YES. Simply log into your account and delete the listing. It’s really just that simple!

I am a salesman for a trailer dealer.  Can I post ads too?
Of course! You may place as many ads as you like and have prospects contact you directly. You may FEATURE YOUR ADS for just $20.00 each for the entire 120 day listing for extra exposure and best results. Featuring your ads and mentioning your personal service is a great way to make sure you are competitive and make more sales! For the ultimate advantage over your competitors, grab some affordable banner ads to help establish your expertise with shoppers in the trailer market. It’s the smart thing to do when selling trailers is your livelihood.

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I want to reach trailer shoppers all across the USA and Canada. How do I purchase banner ad space on Trailerocity.com?
Simply click here to see our banner advertising information or click on the banner ad space you would like your ad to be and follow the prompts.

Do I get a discount for advertising for consecutive months?
Of course! We are easy to work with and interested in saving you money and producing great results. Trailerocity.com has special rates available for advertisers who sign up for multiple months of banner ad placements.

Do I provide my own banner ad?
If you provide your own ad and it needs no modification to fit into our system, Trailerocity.com will run it for the prices in affect at the time of your order. If your ad requires modifications to meet our system, a nominal fee is applied to your order. We can also design your banner ad for you for also at a nominal fee.

What types of ads are prohibited?
Trailerocity.com is G-RATED. We only allow “family friendly” advertisements. There are no exceptions.

Can my banner ad link to my company’s website?
YES. If you choose, when your banner ad is clicked on then your website automatically opens in a fresh viewing window. You can also track the performance of clicks to your website if you have access to incoming traffic stats. We can also email you a monthly performance report with pertinent stats for your review.

Can I change my banner ad at any time?
YES. If you provide a different ad we will change it at any time if requested. If you would like us to design another ad for you,  we request up to 7 days for production. Reasonable set up fees are required any time a banner is changed or a new one created.

Can I buy multiple banner ads in a specific banner section?
YES. In fact, we recommend it! You can buy multiple banner ads while spaces are available. We also provide a discounts for multiple banner purchases so please contact us for direct bulk volume pricing.

If my advertisement agreement is up, do I have first refusal to continue my ad in that specific location?
YES. All current advertisers have first refusal to renew their ad contract; however, if the contract is not renewed within 7 days the ad space will be awarded at a first come first served basis.

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